Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First fully sexual threesome: September 2001

I had some experiences in the past involving more than two people but it only involved kissing.

Today I have arranged with Susan to meet at a friend’s house to watch a movie. It is the third movie of Angels and Demons, with Christopher Walken on it. The second instalment had been satisfactory so we have gone for the third, just to screw things up.

Susan and I decide to sit down in the sofa and my friend Larry sits on an armchair. He can’t see us unless he turns around.

Now, Larry is my best ‘male’ friend. He is an absolute disaster when it comes to tidiness in and around his life but he is fun to be friends with. I’ve known the guy since he was a virgin at sixteen and had never been out later than one o’clock.

We have arranged to move to England together after the summer. I can only imagine how much fun that will be.

He is the son of a cardiologist and a GP. Quite intelligent academically, Larry always lacked common sense when choosing women. I suspect he is a magnet for psycho-bitches.

He is also part of the alternative community and the group of roleplay friends we normally hang around with. He is good to get drunk with and somebody I never had to keep secrets from.

As the daylight starts to fade we find ourselves immerse in the darkness of the room, only illuminated by the dim light of the tv. Little by little I start squeezing my hand between Susan’s legs, who is wearing a skirt. My other hand keeps sliding under her t-shirt and underneath her bra, to find her tender yet erect nipple. We start kissing and she starts panting as my fingers find their way amongst the curly pubes and between the moist labia. Larry keeps watching the movie like nothing is happening. If he wants to look he would have to do more than just look through the corner of his eye. I know he was aware of everything going on and I realise he just wants to finish watching the movie.

After I come to conclusions with what is happening I make Susan lie down on the leather sofa and I remove her already wet g-string. I pull down my trousers as her hands find immediately my penis, hard as a rock. I don’t wait long before I penetrate her there and then. She starts panting, and then gasping. The sweat rolls down our bodies onto the leather sofa. I kept an eye on Larry but he keeps his eyes on the screen.

I keep penetrating Susan in different positions and every time I remove a piece of clothing from her. The thrill consists on having him turn around any moment and find a girl he barely knows there, having sex with his best friend. If that happens I am not willing to stop, and I somehow know she is not going to stop either.

As the movie finished he turned around. We had already reached a couple of orgasms and we were just sitting in the sofa, playing with each other’s genitalia. Susan smiled at him. Larry said “let’s go to my bedroom”.

Larry’s bedroom is not only his. It was also his little brother’s bedroom. His family was out and wasn’t going to come back home till the day after.

As we got in the bedroom we took off some of our clothes. Susan sat in the middle and started doing oral sex on both of us at the same time. In some point I decided to sit down next to her and start playing with her breasts and her vagina, masturbating her and playing with her pubic hair.

The end of the experience comes. Larry can not stand up much longer in the same position, but since his trousers are around his ankles he trips. As he tries fast to find somewhere to support himself in order not to fall his hand ends up on my scalp. Immediately his erection abandons him, not to return anymore for a while.

Susan and I leave the house soon after and I walk her home. We kiss. She waves her hand from the entrance of the block. I go home amazed of how adventurous and brave sixteen year old girls are these days, if they are in the right situation, with the right people. They are still ok with anything as long as the whole atmosphere seems relaxed. I take good notes from that.